Car Sharing


Covid-19 rates are high so please avoid car sharing with people not in your household, to help us stop the spread of coronavirus. This includes friends, family and work colleagues. If you require car sharing to get too and from work, utilise car sharing with someone in your household rather than someone you do not live with.


For example if you are car sharing with a colleague from work who you do not live with, you should instead car share with someone from your household. As a household you should drop each other off and pick each other up from work to keep your household as safe as possible and minimise the risk of spreading Covid-19.


During a National Lockdown, car sharing is not permitted with someone from outside your household or your support bubble unless your journey is undertaken for an exempt reason.

What can I do?


    • Wash or sanitise your hands before and after journeys
    • All those in the car should wear face coverings (both the passengers and the driver)
    • Keep the vehicle windows open for ventilation
    • Share the transport with the same, small group of people each time (share with your household)
    • Try to sit as far away from others in the vehicle as you can (including the driver)
    • Clean car surfaces after every journey, including handles, seatbelts and other areas that people may touch


Anyone involved in car sharing should inform others if they begin to experience the symptoms of Covid-19, and follow the up to date health guidance. Booking a test and self-isolating as required.