We recognise the rise in energy costs as well as a general increase in the cost of living, that some of our residents may be finding things a little tough at the moment. We want to reassure you that help and support is available and should you or someone that you know be experiencing debt, poor physical or mental health, a lack of food or heating as well as many other issues, then We Are Huntingdonshire can help.



We Are Huntingdonshire helps those working with residents to access help, advice and support for anything that they may be struggling with. By clicking on the box below, you will be taken through a series of simple questions that helps identify what it is that as resident may need help with and directs you to the information that they need to enable you to find a solution.


If you are a professional or volunteer you can select the referral button below and provide the necessary information on the assessment form. Once submitted, the individual that you are referring will be contacted by us or our trusted partners within the timescales set out in the form.